Puzzling Photographs from Mars Need Explanation!

             NASA has released recent photographs taken by the Mars Rover Spirit, after it had climbed out of the crater in which it had landed and took panoramic pictures from the crater’s top.  The photographs captured, according to JPL/NASA, a “dust devil” in the distance (about 2 miles away).

           But as one looks closely at the photographs – there are many of them – one notices incredible features:  What looks like a long sandcovered wall, a black stone ring, a sandblown conical structure & rectangular areas marked off by stone boundaries…

           Enlargements of the photos on the JPL/NASA website by Erik Poltorak, our webmaster, only enhance the puzzle.  An explanation by the rover mission scientists would be most welcome.

Sept 2005


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Spirit Navigation Camera Sol 581

Stone Ring - Navigation Camera Sol 581 Sanblown Conical Structure  - Panoramic Camera Sol 581
Stone Boundaries, rectangular - Naviagtion Camera Sol 581

NASA site of Original Images

As of now, there has been no response from NASA (or some of the scientists involved who were personally e-mailed) to the request for explanation of the incredible photos from Mars taken by the Rover Spirit and reproduced on this website a month ago: