Great conversations were already unfolding in the lobby of the Sheraton Gateway hotel, Los Angeles, as the 3rd Sitchin Studies Certification Seminar was getting under way. Close to 200 “Sitchinites” lined up when registration kicked off on Friday January 18th 2002; they included participants from as far as Canada, Italy, & Japan. The seminar, held January 18th to 20th, was the third in the series and honored a group of Alumni who had attended all three of the in-depth teaching events.

In the first session, Friday evening, Zecharia Sitchin reviewed and explained the six books in The Earth Chronicles series and how they covered the events from “Landing on Planet Earth” through “The First Civilizations.”   The first Saturday session began with a review and explanation of the two companion books, Genesis Revisited and Divine Encounters, the subject-headings being “Of Gods and Men”, “Sharing the Earth,” and “The nuclear desolation.”  There were many slides to see and lots of exciting information to cover.

After a short break, Zecharia began to lead the Sitchinites into “forbidden territory”. Titling the session  “The Age of the Ram,” he talked about “The gods of the nations” and the enigmatic biblical “Day of the Lord,” providing insights into the origins of religions, Messianic expectations, and the speculation about the Return. In the first afternoon session, we began to realize how all those past developments shed light on the events of September 11th.  All scriptures, Zecharia showed, repeatedly asserted that “the first things shall be the last things.”   And if the past is the key to the future -- has the future begun? 

In the next seminar session, we were exposed to the theme “Prophecy and the End of Days.” In this exciting session Zecharia provided answers to the most frequently asked questions by readers of his books…With the aid of slides and a 3-dimensional orbital model he explained why the arrivals of the Anunnaki and the near-passage of their planet Nibiru occur at different times.  Emphasizing that this century is still in the crucial Age of Pisces, he made it clear that there is no basis for attributing to him a prediction that Nibiru’s next passage near Earth will be in A.D. 2003.

At the dinner banquet Saturday evening, everyone looked so elegant!   Twenty-six alumni, who had each attended and completed the three seminar courses, were honored; Zecharia spoke briefly and personally about each one of them as he presented them their special certificates. 

The microphone was then passed around the banquet hall, with many speaking about their experiences traveling with Zecharia and reading his books.   John Cogswell of Buena Vista, CO, announced the formation of a committee to sponsor a national or international Award to Zecharia for his lifelong research and achievements that changed so many lives by uncovering true knowledge of our past.

As on the previous day, people stayed up till the wee hours discussing the seminar’s revelations, making new friends and exchanging addresses.

Sunday brought another awaited (and final) session of Questions and Answers.   Picking up the written questions at random, Zecharia’s answers ranged over a variety of themes from his books.   As the session ended, it was kind of sad as people had to say goodbye to others with whom they shared thoughts and ideas.   Then, group by group and one by one, the Sitchinites slowly left, clutching their certificates (all individually signed by Zecharia), plenty of e-mail addresses and much enthusiasm. They also held on to first-printing copies of Zecharia’s latest book, THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI, which he introduced at the Seminar and copies of which he autographed. 

All in all, it was a phenomenal weekend!



Speaking of... the Los Angeles Seminar ---

This seminar was a very high-energy affair.  I came away with more knowledge; pieces of information fell into place...  My life has been affected by Zecharia's work and these seminars.  I await the next one with eager anticipation.
Richard Rodgers, Minnesota

The seminar was exhilarating and enjoyable all around.  What a memorable experience!
Rob Lee, California

The only thing wrong with the Los Angeles Seminar was that it was too short!! Met so many interesting attendees.  When will the next one take place?
Diane Phipps, Texas

What a great seminar -- it was so nice to see Zecharia and so many of the Sitchinite friends.  What is the next project?
Joanne Noar, California

I want to thank Zecharia for the excellent program presented in Los Angeles. It was a great honor to be among those attendees who were given recognition as Alumni for having attended all three seminars.
Ellen Stuart, Illinois