The January 26, 2004 issue of Newsweek magazine, featuring photos of babies on its cover illustrating the main story on “The New Science of Sex Selection” – advances in genetic and fertilization technologies that make it possible to predetermine the sex of one’s baby; not just to find out the baby’s sex once pregnancy is in progress, but to decide ahead of time whether the baby should be a male or a female to begin with.

That indeed sounds like a New Science, as the magazine calls it.

But a detail in the ten-page long report caught my eye; it sounded as a line out of millennia-old Sumerian texts, inscribed on clay tablets, which described how the gods created Man!

Seven and Seven

Newsweek’s report begins with the story of a couple from Gilette, Wyo., “who always wanted a baby girl, but the odds seemed stacked against them.” They kept having boys. Then they found out about a fertility institute in California that developed an in-vitro fertilization technique called PGD – Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosys. “By creating embryos outside the womb, then testing them for gender, PGD could guarantee, with almost 100 percent certainty, the sex of the baby.”

Then came the eye-catching detail:

“Last November Sharla’s eggs and Shane’s sperm were mixed in a lab dish, producing 14 healthy embryos, seven male and seven female."

The lab transferred three of the female embyros into Sharla’s uterus, where two implanted successfully. If all goes well, the run of the Miller boys will end in July with the arrival of twin baby girls.

The Sumerian Creation Texts

In my very first book, The 12th Planet, 1976, I dealt at length with the Sumerian creation texts which provide a highly sophisticated scientific narrative dealing with the creation of our solar system, the formation of the Earth, the evolution of life on Earth, the coming to Earth of the Anunnaki from their planet Nibiru, and their employment of genetic engineering to fashion Homo sapiens from a primitive human species. In The 12th Planet and later in Genesis Revisited (1990), I showed how the Bible summed up that very scientific tale in the Book of Genesis; and how modern science was only catching up with ancient knowledge.

In a chapter titled “The Creation of Man” I quoted passages from various clay-tablet texts that provided details of the Creation of Man process – How Enki, the chief scientist of the Anunnaki, suggested that an already existing being could be upgraded by mixing Anunnaki genes with the humanoid ones; how Ninti, the chief medical officer of the Anunnaki (and Enki’s half-sister) performed the gene-mixing; and how the resulting “clay” was used to impregnate fourteen “birth goddesses,” to become pregnant with seven males and seven females!

Using the “essence” of young male Anunnaki (extracted in a “purifying bath”) to prepare the proper “mixed clay,”

Ninti ripped off fourteen pieces of clay;
Seven she deposited on the right,
Seven she deposited on the left…

The Wise and Learned,
Twice-seven birth-goddesses had assembled.
Seven brought forth males,
Seven brought forth females…
In pairs were they completed,
In pairs were they completed in her presence.
The created ones were People –
Creatures of the Mother Goddess.

While many other aspects of similarities between in-vitro and other genetic engineering procedures now developed and what the ancient texts describe have been dealt with in my writings, the precise number of fourteen sperm/embryos divided into seven male, seven female is – to say the least – an amazing coincidence.