T H E  E N D  O F  D A Y S

Zecharia Sitchin’s 7th and concluding book of The Earth Chronicles series will be published at the end of March 2007, the publisher Harper Collins has announced.

In this book titled The End of Days: Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return, Zecharia Sitchin confronts such questions as why it is that our current twenty-first century A.D. is so similar to the twenty-first century B.C.?  Is history destined to repeat itself?  What does the future hold?  Will biblical prophecies come true, and if so, when?

Are the ancient gods still here or did they leave?  Will they return?  What will happen then? Will there be another Deluge or Apocalypse when Nibiru meets Earth?  What about “Planet X” and the Mayan 2012? What about Jesus?

Tracing historical events from the messianic fervor and use of nuclear weapons in the twenty-first century B.C., the book resolves ancient enigmas like the Nazca Lines, the origin and significance of the Cross, the Fishes, and the Chalice, places in context the events of the

Last Supper and hidden clues like those in Da Vinci’s painting, explains the space-related reasons for the everlasting centrality of Jerusalem, and following in the footsteps of Sir Isaac Newton deciphers the Time Code in the books of Daniel and Revelation and of the Day of the Lord and the End of Days prophecies.