May 31, 2002 thru June 2, 2002


The FOURTH SITCHIN STUDIES CERTIFICATION SEMINAR commenced in Chicago, Illinois on Friday, May 31, 2002.  Both foreign and domestic "Sitchinites" attended Zecharia Sitchin's in-depth teaching event.  Like the previous ones, it amounted to three gratifying days!

Book-by-Book Review

For this Seminar, Zecharia adopted a book-by-book lecture plan.   In the first evening session, Zecharia held an overview lecture which included a review with an accompanying slide presentation relating to his first book, The 12th Planet, which was first published in 1976 and is now available in 17 languages.   This session covered the  companion book, Genesis Revisited, as well.  

Zecharia detailed how his journey into the past began as a schoolboy who studied the Old Testament in its original Hebrew.  When the teacher explained that in Chapter 6 of Genesis in the days before the great flood and Noah, there were "giants" upon the earth, Zecharia raised his hand and stated that the Biblical term ("Nefilim") meant "those who have come down/descended" (from heaven to earth) and not "giants."   Instead of being complimented on his linguistic knowledge, he was reprimanded for "questioning the Bible."   The result of this reprimand became Zecharia's obsession and his ultimate "destiny" which was to discover who were the Nefilim?   What was the significance that the Nefilim married the daughters of Adam?  And, why were they described as the sons ("plural") of the Elohim ("gods" plural)?

The Anunnaki

Recounting incredible firsts of the Sumerian Civilization, the question has been:   How could the Sumerians have known what we today are just finding out?  Zecharia presented pictorial and textual evidence from the ancient civilizations to show that "we are not alone."   He explained that there is one more planet in our own solar system from which intelligent beings (Nefilim, Elohim, Anunnaki) had come.   They arrived here from their planet, Nibiru.   The leader of the first expedition to earth was a great scientist called ENKI ("Lord Earth").   It was circa 2000, B.C., that ENKI, after traumatic events (i.e., the demise of the great Sumerian civilization on account of the use of nuclear weapons to obliterate an Anunnaki space port in the Sinai Peninsula), decided to write his autobiography.   In The Lost Book of ENKI, Zecharia reconstructed ENKI's autobiography from almost 800 fragmented texts.  ENKI desired to tell mankind how the destruction had come about and to explain what had happened because ENKI believed that one has to know the past because the past reveals the future

Who Created the Adam?

The first Saturday session began with a review of the purposes for ENKI's coming to earth - some 450,000 years ago (to obtain gold which was to protect their atmosphere), followed by the arrival of ENKI's half brother, ENLIL, and their half sister, NINHURSAG/NINTI, the chief medical officer.  After a mutiny of the Anunnaki gold miners in South Africa, ENKI and NINTI engaged in genetic engineering to bring about homo-sapiens by mixing their genes with those of evolved hominids.  Thus, Zecharia discussed how his book, The Cosmic Code, provides a scientific key which not only brings us to the present, but takes us to the future.

Zecharia discussed how even scientists are perplexed by the 223 "alien genes" out of 35,000 which cannot be traced in humans.  Other Sumerian texts reveal   what we have just learned - that the genome of rice is more complex than the genome of humans, and that the genome of wheat has been determined to be even more complex than that for rice!   Such secrets of the genetic code were revealed in The Wars of Gods and Men, when ENKI and ENLIL decided to "domesticate" cereals and cattle for mankind.

Calendars and Immortality

In the afternoon session, Zecharia discussed his book, The Lost Realms, which was devoted to the Americas and its links with the old world.   The African looking Olmecs (not the Maya) introduced the long count calendar in August  of 3,113 B.C., which also is the date that the Egyptians expelled Thoth.   Zecharia also discussed the Egyptian connection in his book, The Stairway to Heaven: man's search for immortality.  He recounted the Epic of Gilgamesh, where Gilgamesh, a demi-god, had a tragic lesson - that even a demi-god living on this planet is mortal.  We learned of his travels and consequently, the reason that Jerusalem is a sacred site - (it is the only remnant of a mission control center of the Anunnaki on earth). 

Prophecies: The Past is the Future

Discussing Divine Encounters, Zecharia detailed how several books of the Bible dealt with the "Day of the Lord," considered a day of calamities as distinguished from the "End of Days," which deals with the end of time.

He was very clear about the fact that the arrival of the planet Nibiru is distinctly different from the arrival of the Anunnaki and was adamant that these two events do not coincide.   As to the time Nibiru, the "celestial lord," was visible, he thrilled the audience with a series of slides illustrating textual evidence to pinpoint a sequence of orbital paths.   The ancient data was juxtaposed with his report of his meeting in 1989 with Dr. Robert Harrington (now deceased) at the U.S. Naval Observatory.  Dr. Harrington pointed out to Zecharia where he thought "Planet X" was situated at that time.  Dr. Harrington sent him a sketch and stated that he felt Nibiru would come in from the South, make a turn in the North and then disappear.  

Zecharia avoided stating more precise dates or times except to emphatically state that Nibiru's return would not occur in 2003.   But showing his slides of the artificial structures on Mars and the recent scientific discoveries relating to Mars, coupled with the Soviet's experience with the destruction of its spacecraft, Phobus II, Zecharia did speculate that the Anunnaki are probably on their way back.  

Zecharia emphasized again the point that the "Day of Lord," (i.e. the return of the celestial planet) is not the same as the "End of Days," (i.e. the end of the calendrical period) derived in the Biblical Book of Ezekiel or the Book of Daniel.  Quoting biblical prophecies that "the first things shall be the last things," this was his final question:  If the past is the key to the future, has the future begun?

Saturday's Dinner Banquet

At the dinner banquet those who had attended three seminar courses as well as those who had attended all four were honored.  Zecharia spoke briefly about each one as he presented them their special "alumni awards" or their "graduate certificates," depending on the number of study programs attended.   It was a happy time of renewing old friendships and making new Sitchinite acquaintances.

Sunday's Questions and Answers

Sunday ended with the final session of questions and answers.   As Zecharia answered at random from a pile of written questions, we learned among many things that Zecharia in Hebrew means "Remembered by God" and that he is always working on at least three new books.

Susan Kimsey Smith
Phoenix, Arizona



-- Musings following the Chicago Seminar --

The thirst again had come upon our minds.
Filled in the past from fonts of books and speech
We sought the source to quench the longing,
to hear the tales upholding truth.
We gathered in anticipation
And gratefully found satisfaction.

So eagerly, we drank in words
And listened mindful and alert.
The master's works, painstakingly assembled
Recounts the story of our world evolved.
He gathered evidence, unraveling the skein
of myth, so clouded and obscured.

We sat in wonder, minds alert and grasped the 
Panorama he displayed in sight and sound
The overwhelming tides engulfed us all
Enraptured we were swept away
Through time set free, unbound.
As once again, old truths made new, we found.

Marie Sheffield
July, 2002


Additional letters:

A Canadian's Thoughts:

A million thanks to Zecharia! The Chicago Seminar gave us once more wisdom, friendship and a pleasant time.  It was a great joy to be among the U.S. people who are still the warmest, most open and eager people in the world.

Charlotte Munro
Ottawa, Canada

And a Prediction:

As much as I've been enamored of Zecharia Sitchin's writings for many years, to finally hear him in person was inspiring...  I especially enjoyed his references to so-called "recent discoveries" that further document what he has been saying all along.  I know that a day will come when the academic world will acknowledge Zecharia Sitchin's genius, and every schoolbook on history and science will begin with a study of Nibiru.

Ellen Broner
Skokie, IL