Technologies of the gods


  News of advances in artificial human reproduction –- the treatment of infertility,  In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), genetic enhancement, cloning -– have become commonplace.   Yet a headline over a recent news report caught my attention and aroused my curiosity:

IVF Creates Fetuses With Three Parents

  The report, as rendered in the New Scientist issue of 18 October 2003, concerned “a woman that has become pregnant through a procedure that combines a controversial IVF method with one of the techniques used for cloning.”

  The feat was performed by American scientific teams at a Chinese Medical Science University and concerned a woman who failed to conceive, even through IVF techniques, because her embryos stopped developing after two days.  The new procedure, using IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) methods, first removed the woman’s egg, fertilized it with her husband’s sperm outside the womb, and then –- and that was the innovation –- obtained the eggs of another woman (“the donor”), emptied them of their genetic nuclei, re-injected into these donated eggs the fertilized material from the woman’s egg, and then re-implanted the manipulated eggs in wombs (the woman’s or that of a donor).   

  The key change in the previously-recorded procedures was that by using the donor’s egg even without its normal DNA, the DNA that comes only from the woman -- mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA –- has been preserved in the recombined egg.   By having the mtDNA not of the woman but that of the donor, conception and pregnancy took hold.  

  Thus, not only procedurally but also genetically, the fetus had three parents:  The woman, the male partner, and the female donor.

Now, Read the Sumerian Texts…

  This report caught my attention because it sounds very much like the problems, and the solutions, encountered by Enki and Ninmah (later known as Ninti) when they engaged in genetic engineering to fashion “The Adam” -– the Earthling -– by upgrading the wild Homo erectus found in southeast Africa to become Homo sapiens (you and me).

  The Sumerian creation texts -– yes, texts, not one but several –- have been reported by me in my first book, The 12th Planet, enlarged upon in Genesis Revisited, and then rendered in maximal detail in The Lost Book of Enki (2002). The methods used, the trial and error, the involvement of the young son of Enki Ningishzidda, are all there.   But after the successful fashioning of the male Adamu, the efforts to fashion a female counterpart failed.   It was then that Enki realized that the problem might be the re-implanting of the fertilized egg in the womb of an Earthling female.

“For a counterpart to Adamu to be fashioned, in the womb of an Anunnaki female conception is needed!” so did Enki say.

  Success came after Enki’s spouse, Ninki, volunteered to have the recombined egg implanted in her womb.   The change, the recent experiments reveal, was that the source of the mtDNA was that of Ninki, an Anunnaki female, and not the Earthling mother.  

Ti-Amat –- the biblical Eve -– thus had the DNA of three parents.

  Once again, modern science corroborates the Sumerian knowledge.

And Speaking of Clay...

While writing the above article, another news item captured the media's (and my) attention.  Headlined MAYBE WE CAME FROM CLAY AFTER ALL, it reported (to quote the MSNBC News version) from Washington DC on October 23, 2003 that

Science backed up religion Thursday in a study that suggests life may have indeed sprung from clay -- just as many faiths teach.
A team at Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston said they had shown that materials in clay supported processes similar to those that may have given rise to life.
Specifically, a clay mixture called montmorillonite not only helps form little bags of fat and liquid, but helps cells use genetic material called RNA; that, in turn, is one of the key processes of life.

The report then quotes the scientists involved for additional details of the procedures based on the use of clay, and refers the readers to the relevant verses in Genesis.

In The 12th Planet I quoted the relevant Sumerian texts (that preceded the biblical tale by several millennia) that refer to the use of clay.  In the The Lost Book of Enki the repeated failures to obtain a non-defective newborn are described, with success coming only after Enki realized that

Perchance the shortfall is not in the admixture...
Perchance neither in the female's oval
nor in the essences is the hindrance --
Of what the Earth itself is fashioned,
perchance that is what is missing?

And success in obtaining the perfect model of Adamu came after Ninmah followed his instructions and instead of combining the genes in a crystal vessel, it was done in a vessel made of the CLAY OF THE EARTH.  (The Lost Book of Enki, page 136).

In this detail too, modern science is following the "Technologies of the gods."

October 2003